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Feb 8, 2016

Chill out with Josh Shooter & his guest SEAN HAWKINS!
Sean speaks candidly on booking, Leaders Of The New School, show day, his pathway into wrestling, EGO vs confidence, NAW, MCW, OCW & loads more.

It's a fun, brutally honest chat, so do yourself a favour & enjoy!

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Feb 3, 2016

Join The MegaPowers & a cavalcade of your favourite podcasters as they celebrate the best & worst of professional wrestling in 2015.

Featuring The Solomonster, Wrestling Soup, The Hot Tag Podcast, Turnbuckle Trash, Turnbuckle Throwbacks, The Bloke Show, Wrestle Radio Australia & many more! 

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Feb 2, 2016


Kellyanne & Adam Brooks chat with Josh Armour. Need we say more?

Not really but we will. Backstage in Riot City, The Bestos talk intergender wrestling & why its great when done well. Tv tapings, Brooksy vs Dowie, Kellyanne's MCW debut, Jeff Hardy, a certain "Buddy" of theirs & LOADS MORE including a few cameos.

Feb 1, 2016

Josh & John Armour catch up with EPW Perth Tag Team Champions McMASSIVE!
Gavin & Mike talk travelling interstate, the growth of Aussie wrestling, THE FANS, school kids, our podbrothers at Drawing Heat, the return of an old WRA segment & LOADS MORE including a very special competition for EPW fans!