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Jul 29, 2015

This Saturday Aug 1st, at Dennison Centre Mawson Lakes, South Australia, we'll see one of the most STACKED cards of 2015!
In this special you'll hear from AWA stars Jonah Rock, Rafael Sanchez, Robby Heart & Rocky Menero. SUBSCRIBE to our show on iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn Radio to hear FULL interviews with more stars of...

Jul 21, 2015

Josh Armour returns with Todd Eastman and the 3 hottest letters in pro wrestling, J X T!
He talks his Tough Enough audition, the NEW kayfabe, 
changing his name, JXTv, his Riot City debut, MCW, NAW, 
working smart, a 'grimm' cameo & LOADS MORE including 
the 'Quickfire' brought to you by Josh 'THE AXE' Shooter.


Jul 14, 2015

Time to pAnic! The "Psycho Cowboy" Benny Factor is here to wax lyrical with Josh Armour on wrestling for American promotions Wildkat Sports, Booker Ts ROW & others,

his tag partner Syd Parker, Luke Hawx, working snug,

starting out as teenager, controversial teaching methods, racism, Airbourne,

the upcoming PANIC...

Jul 8, 2015

First up, SEAN FEWSTER of The Advertiser/ RCW goes behind-the-scenes of his interview with HULK HOGAN.
THEN, former EPW Perth tag team champ MIKE MASSIVE talks big man style and the importance of bigger wrestlers protecting their gimmick, his tag partner Gavin 'Shooter' McGavin, sharing the ring with George Steele, WA...