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Dec 24, 2014




Dec 20, 2014

After KELLYANNE ENGLISH drops by to tell us about the world premiere of 'From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl' coming up Jan 10th at Thornbury Theatre VIC,
MCW announcer TRAVIS EUESDEN and sports enthusiast LUKE SICARI join Josh Armour to review Melbourne City Wrestling's 'MCW50: Final Battle' and talk a bit about the...

Dec 11, 2014

Josh Armour and Todd Eastman flap their gums about another crazy week in the world of pro wrestling including:
Team Eastman losing the RCW Title, CM Punk signing with UFC, ROH Final Battle in review, and they dip into the WRA Mailbag. 
Todd rants about The New Day, Josh laments Charlotte's RAW debut, AND our resident...

Dec 1, 2014

The Advertiser's chief court reporter SEAN FEWSTER is back to talk, YEP,
CM Punk and takes a stance which the IWC may not necessarily agree with.
Also, Josh has issues with WWE. (much more detail to follow in further eps)
The RETURN of The Chay-Lites, an 80s classic and more. 

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