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Nov 25, 2015

THIS SATURDAY November 28th, Wrestle Rampage hits Adelaide's Titanium Security Arena for a historic event! AJ ISTRIA chats with Josh Armour on moving from QLD to SA, Rufio, (& his sister) his first day in the ring to now, FULL event preview & loads more!
A fun show as always so please check it out & share it.

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Nov 25, 2015

It's another AxeCast/ Heeling Out crossover as the lads talk Ali's career, Johnny Kickpad, & a heap of fine people get put over.
Listen & find out :)

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Nov 20, 2015

After Josh Armour previews Wrestle Rampage's huge Nov28th show,
it's Sean Fewster, Gemma, & 1/2 of Melbourne City Wrestling's Tag Team Champions EMANUELLE!
Emanuelle talks working vs wrestling, The Estate, character, training at Storm Wrestling Academy & Vicious Pursuit, HBK, fried chicken & loads more in a fun...

Nov 13, 2015

The Scene.

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Nov 11, 2015

Josh Armour, Todd Eastman & Sean Fewster are backstage with Riot City Wrestling champion BIG BRODIE MARSHALL.
A fun roundtable where the lads talk about entering Riot City, Brodie's WWE tryout, Todd holding the book, jobbing, training, philosophies & loads of laughs.
Oh, also, a controversial call-out!