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Oct 13, 2016

VEX Appeal's VINNIE VAIN joins Armour on the line from NSW to talk about his wrestling career thus far & answer STACKS of fan questions. 
Topics include tag team wrestling, his partner The Exclusive, Australian Wrestling Entertainment, what he learnt from Chavo Guerrero & Carlito, & love for Bon Jovi. Plus Vinnie & Josh shoot the breeze on various wrestling rants. 

It's a great time as always, so press play or download & enjoy! 

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Mumma Vain
seven and a half years ago

Hi enjoyed your interview with Vinnie Vain. Finally he mentioned his Mum.( biggest fan )He is a good Kid who loves to explore all the world has to offer. Your also a good host, easy to listenen to.Its a shame wrestling is a smallmarket here in Sydney. Very slowly growing.thanks and take care xx