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Mar 25, 2021

“This is not the show we intended to bring you” - Aaron Sorkin

Last week West Australian Luchador Del Cano posted about problems he saw with local promotion NHPW on his social media and it went a little bit viral so we decided to talk to him to expand on that.
In the interest of fairness we also invited NHPW on to discuss these topics but they declined to comment at this time. (This story is all explained in the opening segment)

“Hey guys, Del Cano here - at 15:53 onwards in the interview you may notice some edits in the video/audio for the next 20ish seconds. While discussing the restrictions on trainees being unable to participate in seminars or training elsewhere, I was focusing so hard on ensuring I didn’t identify anyone by name that I accidentally gave other details that could identify them. It was absolutely not my intention to make them liable to repercussion from NHPW management, so I asked Todd to edit out those identifying details in the recording. Apologies for any confusion and/or choppiness experienced by you, thank you to Todd for fixing my snafu, and thank you all for listening. Del Cano out.”

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