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Mar 3, 2015

OSW Review's JAY HUNTER chats with Josh Armour and SOGOpod's Frank Harris about his awesome video podcasts, fans getting OSW tattoos, hangin with Ric Flair, old school wrestling, a bit of new school, video games, The Simpsons Vs Family Guy, TWO EXCLUSIVES for OSW FANS and loads more BRAH.

This is a FUN 80 minute chat with one of our favourite podcasters. 

@WrestleRadioAU @SOGOpod @JoshJDArmour @MostNotCoolMan @OSWReview 

'Man Called Sting' by Lance Storm on f4w. Mixed by Josh. 

---Episodes from our old feed are on our YouTube channel - original skits and interviews with Bryan Alvarez, Buddy Murphy, Adam Pearce, Rove McManus, Damian Slater, Marcius Pitt, Chris Basso, Savannah Summers and many many more.  

- Theme song 'Where The Action Is' by Thunderstag 
- Main logo by Dane Davies 

-This chat will also feature on the Butts In Seats podcast feed- 


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