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May 26, 2015

First up, 'JAG' HARTLEY JACKSON talks about Wrestle Rampage's Adelaide Arena event coming up November 28th, why it's happening, and a CALL TO ACTION for every wrestling fan in Australia.

Then, RCW's 'Blue Chipper' DEAN BRADY chats with Josh about his career so far, intergender matches, working with people like Matt Basso and Adam Brooks, opening matches, his goals and plenty more!

Two great guests in one packed episode. CHECK IT OUT!

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---Episodes from our old feed are on our YouTube channel - original skits and interviews with Wrestling Observer Live host Bryan Alvarez, NXT star Buddy Murphy, 'World Class' Chris Basso, NXT trainer Adam Pearce, TVs Santo Cilauro, 'City Of Evil' author Sean Fewster, Damian Slater, Marcius Pitt, Lord Mark Williamson, Savannah Summers and many many more.

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