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Nov 15, 2016

'The Blue Chip Athlete' of The Millennials is back for more!
Dean Brady hangs out with Josh Armour, Sean Fewster and The Wolfdogg. 
They talk cutting promos, confidence, wrestling video games, suplexes, wrestling on tv tapings, stipulation matches, taking the lead, The Riot City Wrestling Academy, Armour makes things awkward, long-term goals in the wrestling industry, potential opponents in AUS, there's a run-in from Big Brodie Marshall and we talk a bit of Brock Vs Goldberg, cuz why not. 
A fun time as always so check it out! 

See Dean & The Millennials Dec 3rd at RCW's Battle For Supremacy.
Main event: HARDCORE MATCH for the Riot City Wrestling Championship... Dean Brady Vs Matt 'GRIMM' Basso Vs Big Brodie Marshall (C)
Womens Championship match: Kellyanne Vs Demi Bennett (C)
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