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Feb 17, 2017

After a record breaking 2016 Explosive Professional Wrestling (EPW Perth) looked to kick off 2017 in style with HOT SUMMER'S NIGHT. EPW HOT SUMMER'S NIGHT had it all and was Main Evented by a barbaric Riot Den match for the EPW Tag Team Championship which made its EPW return for the first time in almost a decade. Join Beej & The Dude as they recap all the action and excitement.

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- Theme Song “We’re All Together Now” by The Slam Jam Band

- Closing Song “How You Like Me Now?” by The Heavy


  • Hosted by Ben 'Beej' Robinson and Craig 'The Dude' Welch.
  • Edited by Ben Robinson.
  • Sponsored by Wrestlemerch Printing and The FNX Network.