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Aug 31, 2017

It’s been 18 months since Mr Juicy last appeared on the Drawing Heat Podcast but as promised he’s back for Mr Juicy Vol 2. Electric Boogaloo! 

The timing for The Juicy Ones return couldn’t have been any better as the last 18 months have been a very pivotal period of time in the life and career of our incomparable mate Gino.

Not only has he won two of the most prestigious championships in Australian wrestling, he was also the catalyst in bringing New Japan Pro Wrestling to Australia, where the nations best pro wrestlers could make the most out of a once in a lifetime opportunity by trying out for NJPW and showing what they’re really made of. 

You’ll hear all about the championships and NJPW tryouts in greater detail plus Mr Juicy tells the story of how he met his hero, former Perth Glory captain and Australian soccer legend, Bobby Despotovski and much more including a tale of New Years Eve in Tokyo with "Jag" Hartley Jackson that’s so crazy the only way you could believe it actually happened is because it’s Juicy telling it.

We do have to give a huge thanks to Mr Juicy though, as in all seriousness, he was very ill on the day and yet he still agreed to hang out and record this podcast with us so mad respect to him for that.

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