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Oct 26, 2017

An episode 2 years in the making... we sit down with one of the most talented professional wrestlers Australia has ever produced, former 5 time Explosive Pro Wrestling champion, Marcius Pitt of TMDK.

In this episode, Muffins, as his friends call him, (don't worry we get to the bottom of that one) delves into both his career and personal life in a refreshingly open and honest way.

We talk about such things as how he used his real life frustrations with missed career opportunities as motivation for his recent heel turn and subsequent emotion filled promo, his issues with Gavin McGavin regarding the use of the German Suplex and his thoughts on how EPW PERTH can grow and evolve heading into the future.

You'll also hear about some wacky Bucks Party shenanigans involving Damian Slater, Jonah Rock and Elliot Sexton, how Marcius is dealing with becoming a first time father and much more.

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Intro & Outro Music - Engel performed by Rammstein