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Aug 17, 2017

Most people, especially regular listeners of this podcast only know Jarrad Slate as the Road Warrior inspired, face painted brawler who runs wild in Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW Perth) and entertains the fans with his unreserved vocal stylings.

He’s a man that will punch you in the face and then proceed to tell you and everyone in the arena what just happened and how sucky it was for you but also how extremely enjoyable it was for him.

Apart from that not too many people actually know the real Jarrad Slate and that’s where we come in.

During our time with Jarrad Slate we found him to be gregarious and quick-witted with a sharp tongue and an irreverent sense of humour which meant that we got along famously.

In between the jokes and uncontrollable laughter we did manage to find the time to talk about something that Jarrad Slate is very passionate about – professional wrestling.

Did you know that Jarrad Slate is one of the co-founders of the Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance (SHWA)?

We talk about the events surrounding the formation of SHWA and the trials and tribulations one goes through in running a wrestling promotion.

Jarrad also takes us through his time wrestling for All Action Wrestling (AAW), New Horizons Pro Wrestling (NHPW Perth) and of course EPW where we talk about his favourite opponents/matches and what wrestling really means to him.

We don’t want to give too much away because nobody likes spoilers and quite frankly we want you to download this podcast but what we will say is that after listening to this you’re going to know the real Jarrad Slate.

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